Mariann Imre


Curriculum vitae

1968        Born in Medgyesegyháza, Hungary

1982-86  Tömörkény István Technical School for the Arts, Szeged

1991        diploma from the Painting Faculty of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest

1991-94  postgraduate training at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts

Masters: Lajos Sváby, Zoltán Tölg-Molnár, Tamás Konok. Memberships: National Association of Hungarian Artists; Studio of Young Artists Association (FKSE); Vajda Lajos Studio (Szentendre)

Awards and Scholarships

1992        Barcsay Award

1993        Scholarship to the Salzburg (A) Summer Academy

1993        Herman Lipót Award

1994        Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft Scholarship, Berlin (D)

1995-98  Derkovits Scholarship

1999        Scholarship of the Hungarian Cultural Ministry to the Hungarian Academy in Rome (I)

2003        Munkácsy Award

Solo Exhibitions

Selected Group Exhibitions

Works in Public Collections